Laplink Everywhere Four Review

What Is Laplink Everywhere Four?

Laplink Everywhere Four is the perfect option for the people who need simple access to their remote PC. This can be easily done as long as that person has at least a low bandwidth connection. It is also perfect for the people who do not have the money to afford Go to My PC. There is a free version of Laplink Everywhere Four.

Review of Laplink Everwhere software

If you want to pay for this program, you can pay anywhere between $20.00-$100.00. The amount of money that you pay for this program depends entirely on the number of computers that you intend to use with it. In the competitive landscape, Laplink Everywhere Four is often suggested as a great, cost-effective alternative option to Go to My PC.

This program gives you speedy access to the parts and files of (or on) your PC that you need the most. This may include your E-mail inbox, your calendar, or even your file tree. With this program, you do not need the full remote control connection in order to have access to these things.

In earlier versions of Laplink Everywhere, this was essentially the only tasks you could perform. However, Laplink Everywhere Four allows you to have complete remote control connection while still having a quick connection to your remote computer. The new remote engine gives you the power to control your remote computer completely. In addition, you can use Microsoft Outlook to transfer your files. You can also use a new search engine feature to search your computer for E-mail and data files.

The only bad thing most people say about Laplink Everywhere Four is the simple fact that it is not as good as Go To My PC, and it is not as fast as they would like it to be. Many people do not mind this though, when the price points are fully considered.

Although Laplink Everywhere Four seems to be more focused on giving you complete remote control, it does not give you everything that you would expect. For example, you cannot resize your remote desktop image. You also do not have remote printing options or instant messaging or chat. This means that this program is not really optimal for people who intend to use it as part of their Help Desk support system.

Despite these small limitations, Laplink Everywhere Four has something that other programs do not have: access to Google Desktop Search.

Laplink Everywhere Four does not work with any other operating system other than Microsoft Windows. Laplink Everywhere Four supports the following devices:

The Advantages of Using Laplink Everywhere Four

Laplink Everywhere Four offers different advantages for a wide variety of users. It is extremely convenient for the people who need to perform small tasks. This may include checking your appointment dates or transferring and sending certain files. As previously noted, Laplink Everywhere Four gives you an inexpensive alternative to Go to My PC. More advantages include the following:

  • Efficient remote access to PIM data, Internet favorites, and E-mail
  • Full remote control
  • Google Desktop Search
  • Fast and easy file transfers
  • Standard web browser features
  • There is no hard time with firewalls
  • An easy to understand interface that helps you configure the tool features in your program
  • A functional free Laplink toolbar

Some Disadvantages of Using Laplink Everywhere Four

Laplink Everywhere Four is not as good as every other alternative and no one is pretending that it is. It is usually seen as simply a cheaper version of the better thing. This is despite the fact that it now gives you full remote control like other alternatives. Other limitations reported in using Laplink Everywhere Four include the following:

  • Full remote control will not be as fast as Go to My PC.
  • You will not have direct PIM and E-mail access if you do not have Microsoft Outlook programs.
  • You do not have the power to customize your file accessing privileges.
  • Your remote computer has to be left on in order for you to access it.
  • In terms of security, you may have a few problems with your operating system.
  • Some of the Laplink Everywhere Four modules may need ActiveX controls.

Features of Laplink Everywhere Four

There are many different new features that come with the newest addition to Laplink Everywhere. It is apparent that the creators of Laplink Everywhere are working hard at providing a program that makes things as easy as possible without actually forcing you to pay too much. One of the most exciting features of Laplink Everywhere Four is the fact that you now have an easy to use and powerful remote access feature. Some of the features that Laplink Everywhere Four offers include the following:

  • Full access to your remote computer anywhere that has a low bandwidth Internet connection
  • Full control to your computer
  • A Laplink toolbar that gives you one click access to your computer
  • The ability to find and forward any file on your remote computer by using the desktop search feature
  • The ability to synchronize more than one folder between your computers
  • Easy firewall connection
  • Complete firewall compatibility makes things easier on your computer
  • The ability to print the documents that were on your remote computer
  • User authentication keeps unwanted visitors out of your remote computer
  • New zero footprint technology that erases all of your remote access sessions each time that you log out of the program
  • 128 bit SSL encryption that keeps all of your data completely secure
  • By using customizable guest access, you can limit which computer drives and folders that your guests can access
  • There is more than one level of password protection for added security
  • There is live online technical support

Overall Summary of Laplink Everywhere Four

When all is said and done, Laplink Everywhere Four is a simple program that saves you money in remote desktop access. If you do not mind the slower connections then you should have nothing to worry about.

In addition to offering an affordable program for businesses or people requiring more functionality, you can also use the free version if you are not asking for much.

The way the dashboard is set up should allow you to easily obtain all of the functionality that you would ask for from other similar products or services. Although Go to My PC is considered by most to be a better alternative, Laplink Everywhere Four can give you many of the same things at a more affordable cost. It is extremely easy to set up and operate. In addition, it is easy to access your remote computer from almost any device. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can usually access your Laplink Everywhere Four account. This is one of the best features of this program. Many people report that they love the fact that you all you need is a low bandwidth connection.

The free version provides the same type of basic functionality as the paid versions. The free version still allows you complete remote control of your computer. However, as you might imagine, when you opt for the free version you do not have the same number of useful features as the paying version of Laplink Everywhere Four offers. By basing the selected product on your own needs, this is a product that can offer you flexibility, cost efficiency and increased productivity.

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