Apple Remote Desktop Review

The Apple Remote Desktop is an easy to use desktop management program that is extremely powerful and useful to many different types of people. The Apple Remote Desktop program gives you the power to control all of the Mac computers within your network from a single point-of-entry.

Apple's remote desktop access management software

This program is perfect for anyone who needs a function to help him or her support and control more than one computer network. There are many different features that come with this program. These features include the following:

  • You can control and configure remote systems
  • You can install software onto different systems at once
  • You can offer live online help
  • You can find software reports for your entire network

New Apple Remote Desktop Features

There are many new features that were not with this program prior to this most recent update (version 3). Although the update will cost you three hundred dollars for 10 computers and five hundred dollars for an unlimited number of computers, many people believe that this cost is truly worth it. The new features include the following:

  • A remote spotlight searching addition allows you to search for different files on any number of remote computers effortlessly. You can even copy these files onto your computer.
  • A new remote desktop widget allows you to have an easy view of all of your remote computers at once through the dashboard. This makes things easier to manage since you do not have to launch the actual Apple Remote Desktop program.
  • In the former program, you could not retrieve files from any remote computer. Luckily, there is now an amazing drag and drop feature that allows you to copy and paste remote files to and from your original computer.
  • Now you can also customize your preference settings for your entire network. You can also create new user accounts without having to go to the original computer.
  • There is also a new auto install feature that lets the program automatically load software packages to all online computers.
  • You can also create reports on all of your hardware user logs.

Uses for the Apple Remote Desktop Review

You can use the Apple Remote Desktop software to do many things.

  • It can be used by teachers, business administrators and office workers.
  • You can use the Apple Remote Desktop program to upgrade, distribute, and maintain all of the software within your Mac computer network.
  • You can collect all of the system information that you need and store that information onto a database for future use and reference.
  • You can use this program to help other users within your network. This can be especially useful for teachers who need to show students how to use a program. This is also useful for companies that offer live support.

In addition, this program allows you to interact with other network users in brand new, exciting ways. This means you can now send messages to each other, allow them to observe your current screen, and even compare screens.

This program is also useful to businesses. With this program, you can obtain access to your office computer. This means if you need to obtain documents or other applications you can do so. Teachers will find the fact that they can control and monitor computers in their network useful. Administrators will find the fact that they can manage entire remote systems helpful to the administration cost.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Remote Desktop Software

The advantages of using Apple Remote Desktop software vary. From convenient remote spotlight searching to the wonderful dashboard widget, there is no doubt that the new Apple desktop program can do what needs to be done. Many people love the fact that there are new management tools that allow you to control nearly every aspect of your network. In addition, you can encrypt all of the communications and file transfers in which you take part. You can also now send and receive files with the new drag and drop copying feature.

On the other hand, there are a few things about this software that may not be as attractive to you. For example, the application-reporting feature is not everything that it could be. The application-reporting feature will only report new programs that have been opened that day. This means that if there is a program that was running the previous day it will not show up in the report. This is not too horrible but some people may not enjoy the limitations of this feature. And although the new drag and drop feature is amazing, you may find it a little hard to actually drag and drop your files into the remote window. There are also a few more, smaller bugs reported that will probably be fixed in future updates.

Timbuktu Pro VS Apple Remote Desktop Software

Timbuktu Pro is a program that many people have compared to Apple Remote Desktop software. Many people believe that they are essentially the same program. However, there are a few things that separate Timbuktu Pro from Apple Remote Desktop software.

For example, Timbuktu Pro is only best for people who need to control only a few computers. Apple Remote Desktop Software is best for people who are trying to control an entire network. While both programs allow a person to control Mac computers remotely, Timbuktu Pro is best for one computer to control and transfer files. Apple Remote Desktop software is best for a network administrator who needs to control and manage multiple Macs that are on an entire local area network.

When using Timbuktu Pro, it is apparent that it is only for decentralized use. This means that all of the computers on this network will run the same software. However, there is no requirement for the thin client computer. As long as you have the proper authority, anyone with this program can access the home computer.

When using Apple Remote Desktop software, it is apparent that it is for centralized use. This means that the clients and the administrators will all run different software. Additionally, this program allows you to copy files on all of the computers at the same time. This program offers a two-way road while Timbuktu Pro only offers a one-way road. With Apple Remote Desktop software, you can control all of the Macs without a remote control feature.

After understanding the main uses for Timbuktu Pro and Apple Remote Desktop software, there is no doubt that Timbuktu is better when you only need one computer. Apple Remote Desktop software is better when you need to support an entire network of computers.

As far as remote control features, both of these programs offer remote control features. Both of these programs let you control a computer as long as you have permission. However, Timbuktu Pro is faster than Apple Remote Desktop software. This is because Timbuktu Pro allows you to improve the performance of the program by customizing the amount of data that is being sent to the remote computer. 

By carefully evaluating your needs against the features offered by these two similar, yet different solutions, you can be assured to find the best possible solution.

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